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Life in the Middle East, the easy way in Qatar!

I am staring up a massive sand dune in Qatar, the driver in the Land Cruiser in front of me charges up the dune as if it is not even there. He stops at the top, turns around and frantically waves his arms at me signaling me to give it stick and tackle this dune.

I back the Jeep up a bit, take a deep breath, put it in gear, drop the clutch and floor it! The Jeep bucks and weaves a bit in the steep soft sand, but the sheer power and ability of the Jeep makes it easy to reach the top. I am very relieved! The Qatari Land Cruiser driver walks over to me with a massive smile, grabs my shoulder through the open window and says: “My friend, you drive very nice!” I laugh back and say: “Nasser, after you went up, I had no choice but to follow”. I was talking to Olympic Shooting medalist and two-time Dakar Rally winner, Nasser Al-Attiyah! I had just spent a wonderful day with him at his winter camp in the Qatari desert. What a cool dude! 12 months earlier I landed in Qatar, so let us back track a bit.

I met Nasser at the FIM Qatar International Rally. He liked my T-Shirt!



Sitting at the departure gate at OR Tambo, looking out over the Emirates Airbus A380, I was not sure if I am doing the right thing. I had just said good-bye to the people I love and I was not sure when I would see them again. I had no idea what awaited for me in Doha. I was nervous, but also pretty excited! This would only be my 2nd international flight after London in 2010. But of course we generally faff and worry over stupid things, and the flight to Dubai went smooth, where I connected for the short flight to Doha. I arrived in my hotel room at 05:00 in the morning and at 08:00 I was at work. It was a rough start to my life in the Middle East!

I was pretty excited sitting at OR Tambo keeping an eye on the staff making sure they prepare the glorified commuter bus correctly! The A380 is an awesome piece of kit!!


My home for the next few months. I had a room on the 27th floor!


Warning! This post has A LOT of photographs! I had over 3,000 photos that I took during my time in the Middle East, and selecting the few to share with you guys on this blog post was a very difficult task! So rather enjoy the pics as the story is a bit crappy! Covering a 15 month stay in one blog post is harder than I thought! Eventually I decided that my little point and shoot camera is not really up to the task and that if I want to improve my photography skills I need some better kit. So I splurged on a Nikon DSLR. So the pics in this blog post is a mix between my little Canon point and shoot and the Nikon and even some cell phone snaps!

For those of you that is not sure where Qatar is……………..well here it is!


After my first week in Doha, it took me some adjusting to get to grips with a Sunday to Thursday work-week. But when Friday arrived we took a boat cruise into the Doha Bay. It was a perfect winter’s day and we could not have asked for better weather. I was a very happy camper! Little did I know that this would be the first of many such boat trips and that every one would be great fun out in the bay!

My new hometown!


Downtown Doha from the bay



Doha is truly a beautiful city, that is, when you stay close to the main “Corniche” area of Doha. From here you can see the skyline over the bay and at night it is truly spectacular. I spent many evening hours walking here after work. The rest of the city is a bit of a shit hole with crazy drivers, very heavy traffic, and endless road works. Qatar is on a massive infrastructure drive to catch up to Dubai and Abu Dhabi and to get ready for the 2020 Soccer World Cup.

This is one of my favorite photos of my time in the Middle East. It was taken with my little Canon, I could not believe that it came out so nice!


This was with the Nikon, I had no idea what I was doing and just played around with the shutter speed. This was of a boat leaving its mooring


The Corniche is a really cool place to hang around at. This is the Sheraton Hotel in Doha


The Kempinski Hotel, as far as I know this was the highest building in Qatar at the time


Doha Bank, with me stuffing around with a wide-angle lens, having no clue what I am doing!


I really liked this building


Aspire Tower


The Museum of Islāmic Art in the Doha Bay


Speaking of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, I was fortunate to visit these two cities in the UAE quite a few times during my stay in Qatar. I really loved the time spent in Dubai. It is such a westernized city and I think it would be a really good place to live. It is so much more developed than Doha.

The inside of Abu Dhabi Airport. This is actually a pretty crappy airport for such a major hub!


Some sites around Abu Dhabi city


I was in Abu Dhabi in July and it was incredibly hot and humid, so I did not spend a lot of time walking around. Only took a few snaps


I loved the time in Dubai. The Burj Khalifa is truly an impressive sight!


We managed to spend a day at Wild Wadi Waterpark right next to the famous Burj Al Arab hotel


Also killed a bit of time in the biggest mall in the world, next to the tallest building in the world!


Everyone who has flown over Dubai has seen these!


The World Map Islands is going a bit pear-shaped!


Back in Qatar one of the highlights that kept us sane in this crazy country was a place called “The Inland Sea”. This huge lagoon type thing sits at the southern end of Qatar. Qatar borders only one other country, Saudi Arabia, and you can pretty much swim across to Saudi from Qatar at some places! Not that we ever did this of course……..


Here in the high sand dunes anything goes, and it is as if you are a world away. We had a lot of fun swimming, drinking, camping, fishing and just having fun on weekends. Qatar is a pretty strict Muslim country and respect is always shown to the local Qatari’s. That is why we head out deep into the desert, away from anyone else.

We can like to braai big time! 🙂 Saudi Arabia there on the other side


Camping chairs and cooler boxes filled with ice-cold beer placed right in the water


Me and my Jeep


Buggering around in the sand with the Chevy V8 Silverado


It is here in the Inland Sea that I had the privilege of spending an entire day in the company of Nasser Al-Attiyah. I had met him at the Qatar International Rally where we had a good chat. He then invited me to visit him in his desert camp. I was blown away by his friendliness and his great hospitality. We spent the day with him and his family, drinking sweet Arab tea, eating the fish we caught, and chatting about the Dakar Rally. It was so much fun listening to a Dakar winner and to hear his views on the race, the other competitors and what it takes to compete (and win) the most EPIC Motorsport race in the world. I rate this day as my best day in all my time in Qatar!

We caught a fish, this was our lunch for the day!


Karolina from Poland, she was very funny! Her boyfriend is a press photographer for the FIM and they also joined us for the day


Nasser on the phone at his camp


The most chilled out afternoon ever, just talking DAKAR and drinking sweet Arab Tea


These guys arrived at the camp and Nasser asked if he can have a go in one of the dune buggies…..How do you say no to a Dakar winner??


Getting a crash course in how this thing works….he was gone in a flash and we saw him getting some airtime on a dune in the distance!


Did I mention it was a chilled day……hehehe


Staying in Qatar gives you access to some great sporting events. I was blown away at how cheap it was and at the things you can have access to! I saw the following sporting events live!

  • Moto GP
    • Saw all the races and riders in all classes for all practice days and sessions, qualifying and all three races on race day
Lorenzo getting ready


Casey Stoner with the Honda


I was so bummed that I did not get a good pic of VR46. This was before I had the DSLR, my little Canon was not up to the task!


And they are off!!


And they are done! 1. Lorenzo, 2. Pedrosa, 3. Stoner


  • ATP Tennis World Tour (Mens)
    • Saw Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal
The view from my seat


Nadal giving it all he’s got!


Federer getting his chase on!


After the match Federer played a few shots against this little dude, the crowd loved the kid and cheered like crazy every time he struck the ball back to Roger


  • ATP Tennis World Tour (Womans)
    • Saw Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams
Maria Sharapova


I could not believe how tall she is (1.88m = 6ft 2in)


  • FIM Qatar International Rally
    • I met Nasser Al Attiya
      Nasser going flat-out in his WRC car. He told me afterwards that the damage to the car (no crashes, just normal race damages) amounted to $50,000 for one day. I cannot understand how a sport like this can be financially viable….but hey, it seems to be!


  • Scuderia Ferrarri Street Racing in Doha
    • Watched Fernando Alonso race his F1 car through the streets
F1 Ferrari and a Qatari Ferrari


  • IAAF Golden League Athletics
    • Saw David Rudisha run a magical 800m race and saw my first sub 10sec 100m race in real life with Asafa Powel winning
IAAF Diamond League



  • UCI Tour of Qatar Cycling
    • Watched Mark Cavendish, Peter Sagan, Chris Froome etc battle it out!
I was amazed at how loud this racing is. Not only the sound of the bikes and the gears in such a big group, but all the shouting and screaming from the riders getting their teams organised for the sprint!


  • Qatar International Motor Show
    • Never seen so many Aston Martins, Lambo’s, Ferrarris, Bugatti Veirons, Maclarens in one place, ever!
My friend Johan looking smart next to some local’s car!


  • Qatar Masters Golf on the European Tour
    • Saw Sergio Garcia, Colin Montgomerie, Lee Westwood, Henrik Stenson and a bunch of others play golf
The Pearl Trophy for the winner of the Masters



One of the things I got asked most is how you adapt to a culture so radically different from your own. Well it is doable if you abide by one word…. RESPECT. I admit is not always easy as life and work can be incredibly frustrating at times (most times), but at the end of the day you need to adapt and try to fit in. You are never going to change the way they do things, you need to change your views and expectations. I did not find this all that hard to do in the Middle East.  You will learn from a later blog that I eventually moved to Zambia, and found the adjustment to Zambia much harder (more frustrating I guess) than Qatar!

As Qatar is such a melting pot of different cultures and nationalities living and working together (out of 1,800,000 odd people, only 300,000 odd are Qatari) you interact with people from all over the world. This is a great thing to teach tolerance, but you can also very clearly see “general trends” for every nationality / culture.

Walking around the local Souq


Qatar does have some good sunsets


Another end to a tough day in the desert!


I do like a good sunset…. As Phil Dunphy says, make sure you watch at least one sunset a day…


I like this pic


But there are some sand storms as well….


And people with very weird tastes……






Zubara Fort in Zekreet on the North Western side of Qatar


Another great thing about living in the Middle East is that you are in a hub that makes travelling so much easier than trying to travel from South Africa (or Australia / New Zealand for that matter) at the arse end of the world! In the blogs that will follow I am going to cover some of the trips I managed to do from Qatar. I have seen some great things, and it planted the seeds to travel and explore more!


Doha is really a great city to live in. I do miss it, not all of it, but most of it!


I hope you enjoyed reading a bit of my life in the Middle East. This was just a short overview as it will be impossible to cover every aspect of life in the Middle East. Please leave a comment if you would like any more information or if you have any questions.







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